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Chapter 14. CUSTOMIZING INDESIGN > Updating with Adobe Online

Updating with Adobe Online

One of the benefits of using InDesign is that it is entirely modular. This means that Adobe can send out updates or replacements to various parts of the program via the Internet. You use the Adobe Online application controls to set up how these updates are received.

To set the general online controls:

Choose Edit > Preferences > Online Settings. This opens the Configure dialog box for the online settings.

Click the General tab to display the general settings .

Figure 14.18. The General controls in the Configure dialog box for the Adobe Online settings.

Check Use Internet Config Settings.

Fill out the Network Settings fields for how your computer connects to the Internet. These are the settings provided by your Internet service provider.

Choose how often you want to update from the Refresh pop-up list:

  • Manually lets you dial up the site when you chose to.

  • Once a Day, Once a Week, or Once a Month automatically connects to Adobe Online.


    If you use a dial-up modem, update manually. If you have a permanent connection to the Internet, you can set the update to happen automatically.

Check Download Files In Background to have the file download while you do other work.

Check Auto Install Components to have the new features automatically replace older files.

Check Automatically Download Updates to Adobe Online to update the Adobe Online application itself.



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