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Copyright > DEDICATED TO




Nancy Ruenzel, publisher of Peachpit Press.

Nancy Davis, my editor at Peachpit Press. Two versions of the same book in six months has got to be a record!

Kate Reber of Peachpit Press, who does a great job of production.

The staff of Peachpit Press, all of whom make me proud to be a Peachpit author.

Steve Rath, who does the best index in the business.

David Evans of Adobe, who was a great source of information and a wonderful dinner companion.

Maria Yap of Adobe, who gave me so much support for the first version of my book.

The InDesign team in Seattle, who listened to everyone's comments about the first version and did a tremendous job in making the changes for version 1.5.

Jean-Claude Tremblay of the InDesign beta list. His advice was so terrific it took me a while to realize he was another beta tester and doesn't work for Adobe. I can't think of anyone who knows more about desktop publishing than Jean-Claude.

Michael Randasso and the staff of the New School for Social Research Computer Instruction Center.

Pixel, my cat, who has gotten very blasé about these books and doesn't watch me work anymore.

and a very special thanks to

David Lerner of Tekserve, who personally helped me get my PowerBook up and running right at the end of the project. Tekserve (www.tekserve.com) is the best place to buy, fix, or enhance Macintosh computers.


This book was created using InDesign 1.5 and QuarkXPress 4.1 for layout and Ambrosia SW Snapz Pro for screen shots. The computers used were a Power Macintosh™ 8500 and a PowerBook G3. InDesign for Windows 98 ran on the Macintosh platform using Virtual PC 2.1.1. The fonts used were Minion and Futura from Adobe and two specialty fonts created using Macromedia Fontographer. Some images are copyright by www.arttoday.com. Witch photograph from the KPT Power Photos collections.

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