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Chapter 9. AUTOMATING TEXT > Finding and Changing Text

Finding and Changing Text

InDesign has a powerful Find/Change command that lets you find all instances of text or formatting and make changes to the found items. The simplest Find/Change command looks for certain characters of text, called text strings, and changes them. For instance, you can change Sept. into September.

To set the Find/Change text strings:

To find and change within a specific text frame or linked frames, click to place an insertion point within the text.

Choose Edit > Find/Change. The Find/Change dialog box appears .

Figure 9.11. The Find/Change dialog box allows you to set the controls for searching for and replacing text.

In the Search pop-up list, choose where the search should be performed:

  • Document checks the entire document.

  • All Documents checks all open documents.

  • Story checks all the linked frames of the selected text.

  • To End of Story checks from the insertion point.

  • Selection checks only the selected text.

In the Find What field, type or paste the text you want to search for.

In the Change To field, type or paste the text to be inserted.

Select Case Sensitive to limit the search to text with the same capitalization. For instance, a case-sensitive search for InDesign does not find Indesign.

Select Whole Word to disregard the text if it is contained within another word. For instance, a whole-word search for Design omits the instance in InDesign.

Click Start. InDesign looks through the text and selects each matching text string it finds.



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