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Chapter 1. The basics > Preferences—a sneak preview - Pg. 33

The basics 33 Picas and points A pica is a standard unit of measure used in the graphic arts. Six picas equals 1 inch; 1 pica equals 12 points. Regardless of the current measurement system, points are always used to measure type sizes, leading, rules, frame widths, and line widths. Picas and points can be combined in the same entry field. For example, to indicate four picas and six points, enter "4p6." Agates, in case you're wondering, are commonly used for measuring the vertical column length in classified ads. Using math in a field To add, enter + after the current number, then the amount you want to add. To subtract, enter -, then the value you want to subtract. To multiply, enter *, then the multiplier. To divide, enter /, then the divider. (To divide 38 by 3, for example, enter "38/3".) In each case, press Enter or Tab to perform the math. Preferences--a sneak preview Preferences are the default settings that can be chosen for an individual document or for the appli- cation as a whole. Chapter 19 is devoted entirely to the Preferences dialog boxes, and some pref- erences are discussed in individual chapters, where relevant. As you learn QuarkXPress, you may change a preferences setting here or there, and thus gradually familiarize yourself with them. Below is a list of some of the settings that can be changed.