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Chapter 2. Startup > To change a document's page size:

To change a document's page size:

Choose File menu > Document Setup (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P).

Choose a preset page Size.


Change the numbers in the Width and/or Height fields .


Click the opposite page Orientation button.

Note: Smaller page size values or the opposite Orientation setting won't be accepted if any items in the current file are positioned below, or to the right of, or are too large to fit within the new pasteboard dimensions .If this is the case, you can move those items upward or to the left, reopen the Document Setup dialog box, then choose the desired settings. You could also move those items into a new document that has the desired dimensions.

Optional: To convert a single-sided document into a facing-pages document, check the Facing Pages box (more about facing pages on page 215).

Note: To convert a facing-pages document into a single-sided document, first delete all the facing master pages in the document, then open the Document Setup dialog box and uncheck Facing Pages. Or drag the blank single-sided master page icon over each facing-pages master and release the mouse button. If you do this, any unmodified master items on document pages to which that master has been applied will be removed.

Guides On, Guides Off

Use the F7 shortcut to turn guides on or off. With guides off, margin guides, ruler guides, column guides, the X in empty picture boxes, and the edges of unselected boxes will disappear from view. Turn guides on to position objects; turn them off to judge the overall compositional balance of a page.

Column and margin guides are modified in the Master Guides dialog box, which can be opened from the Page menu only when a master page is currently displayed (see page 215).

Click OK or press Enter. Any text box that fits exactly within the margin guides (like the automatic text box) will resize automatically to fit within the new margins.



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