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Chapter 19. Preferences > To turn on color management:

To turn on color management:

Choose Edit menu > Preferences > Color Management.

Check the Color Management Active box to turn on color management .

Choose from the Destination Profiles drop-down menus for the target color output device :

Choose from the Monitor pop-up menu for monitor output. The profile names come from the System > Preferences > ColorSync Profiles folder. If the correct monitor name isn't listed, choose a monitor that closely approximates your target screen size.

For composite printer output (all colors printing on one sheet), choose a Composite Printer. This type of printer is usually used for a limited run or to produce color proofs for review before producing separations.

For color separations, choose a Separation Printer.

Choose a Default Source Profile, the source device that created the pictures you've imported into QuarkXPress . Choose profiles to manage specific color spaces (models) for colors and pictures in three categories: RGB, CMYK and Hexachrome (six-plate printing).

For the RGB color source, click the RGB folder tab, and from the Color drop-down menu, choose the exact monitor or the closest match that you can find. This kind of color derives from the monitor profile used by the program that created the color.

For a scanned picture, choose the scanner profile from the Image drop-down menu. For a picture created in a graphics application, from the Image drop-down menu, choose the Monitor profile used by that graphics application.

For the CMYK color source, click the CMYK folder tab and choose the desired printer for color proofing or final output.

For the Hexachrome color source, click the Hexachrome folder tab, and choose the target output printer.

Under Display Correction, choose the device profile (and thus what device gamut or color range) that you want the CMS to use for on-screen color correction. The bottom three categories on the drop-down menu match the three Destination Profile categories. For each Display Correction choice, the profile you chose in the matching Destination Profile category will be used. Choose Off if or when you need to turn off on-screen color correction.

You can use the Color Model list to include/exclude individual color models from on-screen color correction. A check mark to the left of a color model name signifies that that model will be on-screen color corrected. Click a color model name and then click in the leftmost column to display or remove a check mark.

Click OK or press Enter to close the dialog box and save your changes.


Profiles assigned using the CMS are saved in the QuarkXPress document.



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