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Chapter 20. Output > To print from QuarkXPress:

To print from QuarkXPress:

Open the Print dialog box by choosing File menu > Print (Ctrl-P) or File menu > Page Setup (Ctrl-Alt-P).

Optional: Choose an existing print style from the Print Style drop-down menu (see page 299). If you want to override the current print style settings, enter new settings via the folder tabs in the Print dialog box and then print. These changes will be only temporary and won't affect the original print style. (A bullet will appear before the original print style name to signal that a temporary change was made.)

Quick-And-Dirty Print

Once you've established your Print dialog box settings and you want to print an entire document: Ctrl-P, then press Enter. Or, to specify a range of pages, press Tab, type the starting page number, type a hyphen, type the ending page number, then press Enter.

Enter the number of Copies of each page you want to print . 1 is the default.

In the Pages field, enter the pages to be printed. For continuous pages, separate the starting and ending page numbers with a "-" (hyphen). For non-continuous pages, separate each page number with a "," (comma). See the tip on page 297 regarding page numbering.

Click the Document folder tab if you want to turn on Separations, Spreads, Include Blank Pages, Registration (crop marks), and other settings.

Click the Setup folder tab to choose the correct Printer Description , which will automatically set up the default Page Size, Page Width, and Height settings. You can change the printout size (Reduce or Enlarge), Page Positioning, and Orientation.

Click the Output folder tab to choose a Print Colors setting(Black & White, Grayscale, or Color Composite), Halftoning, and printer Resolution options. The Print Colors options are controlled by the current Printer Description under the Setup folder tab.

Click the Options folder tab if you want to turn on the Quark PostScript Error Handler (QuarkXPress' alert boxes), type of Output (Normal, Low, or Rough), data encoding, OPI, TIFF image Output, and other settings.

Click the Preview folder tab to view a thumbnail of the current page with the chosen printing parameters .

You can return to any tab folder at any time. Click Print or press Enter when you're ready to print.

If a missing pictures prompt appears, click List Pictures, click Update, locate and highlight the missing picture(s), click Open, then click Print.

Note : Click Properties to display the printer's Properties dialog box . Settings chosen in this dialog box will override the current QuarkXPress print settings.

Changes made to settings in QuarkXPress' Print dialog box Setup folder tab—such as Copies and Orientation—update automatically in the Paper folder tab in the Properties dialog box, and vice versa. A Paper Size change, on the other hand, will not update in the other dialog box.

Bleed Redefine Defined

With the Bleed Redefine XTension installed, QuarkXPress handles bleeds as in pre-4.0 versions of the application: Items that extend off the page won't be trimmed at the crop marks, regardless of the current Bleed value in File > Print > Document folder tab .

If the Bleed Redefine XTension is not installed and the Bleed value in the File > Print > Document folder tab is 0, any item that extends off the page as a bleed will be trimmed at the crop marks . At a Bleed value greater than 0, bleed objects will print into the bleed value area, and cut and registration marks will appear six points beyond the Bleed value. If the Bleed value is ten points, for example, objects can print up to ten points beyond the edge of the page, and registration marks will appear six points beyond the Bleed value.

The Bleed Redefine XTension can be downloaded from the Quark web site (Quark.com). Install it in the XTension folder in the QuarkXPress application folder and then re-launch the application. Note: Bleed Redefine becomes part of the XPress Preferences file, and it can only be deleted by deleting the XPress Preferences file; removing the XTension from the XTension folder will not remove it. Duplicate your XPress Preferences file before you install the XTension if you want to reserve a copy of it without the XTension.



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