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Chapter 18. Books > To build an index:

To build an index:

For a book, create a new chapter file to hold the index. Make it the last chapter (see the first tip on the next page). Or open a non-book file in which you want the index to appear.

Turn on Auto Page Insertion on in Edit menu > Preferences > General folder tab if you're building a large index.

Optional: If you haven't already done so, create style sheets for each level of indentation and for alphabet letter headings. For a book, do this in the master file and Synchronize.

Choose Utilities menu > Build Index.

Choose Format: Nested to indent each progressive level in the index .


Choose Format: Run-in to string the index entry levels together in paragraph form following the first level entry. They will be separated by the Between Entries punctuation mark that you chose in Index Preferences.

Do any of these optional steps:

Click Entire Book to index an entire set of book files .

Click Replace Existing Index to replace an existing, previously built index with the newly built index.

Click Add Letter Headings to separate each alphabetical group of index entries by the appropriate alphabet letter . Choose a Style sheet for the headings from the drop-down menu.

Choose a Master Page for the index .

For the Nested Format, choose a paragraph style sheet for each level of indent (First Level, Second Level, Third Level, or Fourth Level). For the Run-in Format, choose a First Level Style.

Click OK or press Enter (see the illustrations on the next page). The index will be generated and a new page will be added to the end of your document. (You don't have to select a text box.)


Before building an index for a book, create a separate file for it with the correct master page, headers, and footers, add it as a chapter to the book palette, and Synchronize it into the book. Be sure to check the Entire Book box in the Build Index dialog box.



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