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Chapter 18. Books > To create a new list:

To create a new list:

Create separate style sheets for styling the list itself. And make sure your document style sheets are consistent and are applied correctly to the categories of text that you want to appear on the table of contents.

If you're generating a table of contents from one file, open that file now. For a book, just open the master file.

Choose Edit menu > Lists.

Click New , then enter a Name for the list .

On the Available Styles scroll list, click the style sheet name (text category) that you want the document to be searched for , then click the right- pointing arrow to add that style sheet to the Styles in List window . Or just double-click the style sheet name.

To add multiple style sheets at a time, Shift-click to select a contiguous series or Ctrl-click to select multiple style sheet names individually, then click the right-pointing arrow. (Click the left-pointing arrow if you need to remove a style sheet from the Styles in List window.)

Individually highlight each style sheet in the Styles in List window, then choose:

The Level of indent text you want that style sheet to have in the list (1, 2, 3, and so on) . For example, assign number 1 to chapter names, the number 2 to headers, the number 3 to subheads, and so on.

A page Numbering style . Choose Text…Page # if you want the page number to follow the text; choose Page #…Text if you want the page number to precede the text. Choose "Text only" if you don't want page numbers to appear at all.

Which style sheet will be applied to that text category (Format As drop-down menu) . This should be a style sheet you created specifically for the list.

Optional: Check the Alphabetical box to have the list entries appear in alphabetical order rather than the order in which they appear in the document .

Click OK or press Enter.

Click Save. Follow the instructions on the next page to build (generate) the list.


Click Duplicate to duplicate the currently highlighted list if you want to create a variation of it. Click Delete to remove the currently highlighted list. To append a list from another document, follow the instructions on pages 34–36.



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