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Chapter 3. Tools of the Trade > Guides and Rulers - Pg. 170

Tools of the Trade 170 If other page items are on top of the text link arrow's arrowhead and tailfeathers, you may not be able to click it. This always seems to happen at 1 a.m., after everything else has gone wrong on the project, and this is the last straw. Nonetheless, the way I solve this problem is to rearrange the layers using Move to Front and Move to Back, or to temporarily shift the obstructing objects in order to get to one of the two. Note that you cannot undo linking or unlinking text boxes. Tip Unlinking a Text Box from the Middle of a Chain.If you unlink a text box from the middle of a chain by clicking on the arrowhead or tailfeathers with the Unlinking tool, the entire text chain is broken at that point. Instead, you can tell QuarkXPress to remove a text box from the text chain without breaking the rest of the flow by selecting the Unlinking tool, then holding down the Shift key while clicking on the box you want to remove. Copying Linked Text Boxes I really love the ability to easily copy objects between documents (or between pages in a document). However, you may bump into some limitations when you try to copy linked boxes. · Copying single linked text boxes.You can copy a single text box from a chain of linked text boxes, and QuarkXPress copies, along with it, the entire text chain from that box on. None of the text preceding that box in the chain is copied--only the text from the ensuing linked boxes (and any overflow text). It'd be nice if QuarkXPress could automatically break the chains when you copy, bringing to the new document only the text within the box you're moving (if you'd like, that is). But we have to leave them refinements to work on for the next version. · Copying groups of linked text boxes.You can copy multiple linked text boxes (from a single chain) at one time, one one condition: you have to select and copy all the text boxes. Annoyingly, XPress won't let you copy a portion of the chain, prompting you instead with the familiar, "This text box or a text box in the group has linkages that can't be duplicated." There's one other way to copy linked boxes, especially when the boxes are on multiple pages. If both documents are in Thumbnails view, you can drag-copy multiple pages from one document to another. In this case, links between boxes on different pages are also maintained in your target document, even if you didn't grab all the text boxes in the chain. Guides and Rulers When you are working on your document, you usually have rulers on the top and left side of the window. This not only gives you a perspective on where you are on the page, but it's a great visual aid in selecting coordinates. Let's say you want to change the size of a picture box by dragging a corner handle. If you're visually inclined, you may not want to bother with referring to the Measure- ments palette while you drag. Instead, if you watch the rulers, you'll see that gray lines show the left, right, top, and bottom edges as the box moves. Rulers You can turn the rulers on and off by selecting Show or Hide Rulers from the View menu, or by pressing Command-R. The only time you really need to turn the rulers off, though, is when you want to get a slightly larger view of the page. Otherwise, just leave them on.