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Chapter 7. Copy Flow > BBEdit and Other Text Editors - Pg. 388

Copy Flow Note that you have to search for non-return text, followed by a return, above; if you simply search for any text followed by a return, Torquemada would find everything down to the second-to-last return in the file (because returns are characters, too). As powerful as this search-and-replace tool is, it's only going to do exactly what you ask it to do. Re-import the resulting Torqued file back into XPress. (Make sure Include Style Sheets is turned on in the Get Text dialog box so that the tags are interpreted back into their proper formatting.) 388 3. Tip Getting XPress Tags Out of Word.The QXPort utility lets you export XPress Tags out of Microsoft Word, which can be incredibly helpful when preparing documents for QuarkX- Press, especially when the files have a lot of local formatting applied to them or if you have used Word's character styles feature. You can get more information from the German de- veloper's Web site: Xtags: One Step Beyond There is an alternative to the XPress Tags language and filter that ships with QuarkXPress. It's a third-party commercial XTension named Xtags, from Em Software. Xtags is a superset of XPress Tags, which means that all XPress Tags will work with the Xtags filter. However, Xtags adds much more functionality, such as powerful error checking, anchored boxes (text and picture), relative size changes (up a point, down two points, etc.), and much, much more. Another great feature is a translation table that replaces short codes with long tag strings (like those discussed in "Tip: Shorter Tags," earlier in this chapter).