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766 Chapter . Colophon If anything shows that I practice what I preach, it's this book. Real World QuarkXPress 5 was created using almost every technique and many of the tips that I divulge throughout the chapters. Text Because the pages for the previous edition of the book were in QuarkXPress format, all the text was exported as Microsoft Word 98 files (fortunately, the style sheets were exported with the text). Chapters were edited and written in Microsoft Word 98, and then reimported into QuarkXPress to be laid out. The bulk of the work was done on an Apple PowerBook G3. Artwork I created all the artwork in QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia FreeHand. The screen captures were created with Ambrosia Software's SnapzPro (for Macintosh OS X), Beale Street's Exposure Pro (for Mac OS 9)or TechSmith's SnagIt (Windows). Photographs and line art images were scanned on various scanners, including a Lintotype-Hell Saphir. Stock art was graciously provided by PhotoDisc and ImageFarm. All images were edited and saved as either TIFF or EPS files using Adobe Photoshop. Then, each figure was imported, cropped, and sized within QuarkXPress, and saved in a library along with its caption and callouts (one library per chap- ter). For fast access to each figure, I labelled them using the library's labelling feature. Design The book design was based on an original design by Olav Martin Kvern. For this revised edition, the body copy was set in Adobe Utopia and Utopia Expert (for fractions, footnotes, etc.); the heads are in Adobe's Stone Sans Bold. Universal News with Commercial Pi was used throughout for our bullet symbol ( ), math symbols, and other dingbats. Output The book was printed and bound by Edwards Brothers in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 50# Husky Offset paper. The color pages were printed on 70# Sterling Litho Satin. Where to Reach Me Information is never a one-way street. I want to hear about your favorite QuarkXPress techniques, tips, and tricks! The best way to reach me is through the Real World QuarkXPress Book Web site: