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Chapter 4. Building a Document > Automatic “Continued…” Pagination

Automatic “Continued…” Pagination

In magazines and newspapers, where stories can jump from page six to 96, it is often helpful to have a “Continued on Page X” message at the bottom of the column from which text is jumping, and a “Continued from Page X” message at the top of the column to which it jumps. These are sometimes called “jump lines.” QuarkXPress can't make these lines for you, but it can revise the page numbers in them automatically. This is useful because you may change links, or insert or delete new pages, or move the text boxes from one page to another, and each of these will require a change in the jump line's page numbers. If you use XPress's automatic page numbers, you won't have to go through every page and manually update the numbers.

To Create a “Continued on…” Message

It's easy to create these jump lines (see Figure 4-24) using the Previous Box Page Number and the Next Box Page Number characters: Command-2 and Command-4. If you press Command-4 in a text box, XPress automatically replaces it with the page number of whatever page the current story links to. For instance, let's say the story on page one links to a text box on page nine. If you press Command-4 somewhere in the story on page one, XPress replaces it with the number “9” (the page to which the story links). Similarly, if you press Command-2 somewhere in the story on page nine, QuarkXPress replaces it with the number “1” (the page from which the story links).

Figure 4-24. Jump lines

This is pretty cool, but it's not very useful because it's nearly impossible to include a “continued on page…” jump line in the middle of your story. It just doesn't work. So the folks at Quark built a hidden feature into these automatic page numbers: if either the Command-2 or the Command-4 character is in a text box that doesn't link to anything and if that text box is sitting on top of a text box that does link to something, then XPress uses the links in the lower text box to determine what numbers to use for the characters.

That means you can create a new little text box and type in it “Continued on page…” and then press Command-4. If this text box is not on top of any other text boxes, the Command-4 character is replaced with “<None>”. However, in the example above, as soon as you drag it on top of the text box on page one, the number updates to show the number “9,” because that's what the underlying story is linked to.

If your text links change, pages get shuffled or renumbered, or an act of god is invoked, QuarkXPress always knows where your text is going to or coming from and it updates the Next Box Page Number and Previous Box Page Number characters.

Nonetheless, these jump lines can sometimes get confused. When QuarkXPress sees one of these jump lines, it looks at any text box that is behind the jump line. If there is more than one text box behind the jump-line text box, QuarkXPress chooses the one that is “closest” to it: the text box that is on the next layer down.

To create a “Continued from…” message

You can create a “Continued from…” jump line by following the same procedures for creating a “Continued on…” jump line, but you can place the new text box at the top of the column. When you come to the page number, press Command-2 for the Previous Box Page Number character, which shows the page number of the previous text box in the chain. This number is also automatically updated as necessary.

Your messages don't have to read “Continued on…” and “Continued from….” You can type any words you want—for instance, “Started on page <None>” or even “If you really care about finishing this story, you'll have to flip past the bulk of this magazine and go all the way to page “<None>,” where you'll find it buried among the facial cream ads.” What matters is that you type the relevant placeholder character somewhere in your message text box.

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