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Chapter 24. XML > To save an XML file:

To save an XML file:

Click the Save (first) button on the XML Workspace palette.

Enter a name and choose a location .

Figure 1. The Save/Save as dialog box for an XML file

From the Type pop-up menu, choose “XML Document” or “avenue.quark Template.”

XML templates

New XML files can be based on an existing setup using an XML template (such files have an .xmt extension). The new file won't write over the template. By default, XML templates are saved to the QuarkXPress application > Templates folder.

From the Encoding pop-up menu, choose UTF-8 (this is a Unicode specification that includes European and Asian font characters).

Check Save XML as Standalone to embed the DTD code into the XML file. If this option is left unchecked, then the external DTD associated with this XML file must be available to avenue.quark in order for the XML file to be reopened.

Technical note: This option affects the status of the standalone=yes/no declaration in the first line of XML code, and affects whether the DTD code is stored internally in the XML file or externally as a separate file.

Optional: Check Exclude avenue.quark Processing Instruction to save the XML file without the extra avenue.quark code. You won't be able to reopen the XML file in avenue.quark, though.

Click Save.


To save a variation of an XML file, click the Save As (second) button on the XML Workspace palette. Change the name and/or location, change any of the options in steps 3–5 above, then click Save.



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