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Chapter 24. XML > To create tagging rules:

To create tagging rules:

With your QuarkXPress print document open, choose Edit > Tagging Rules.

Click New Set.

Type a Name for the rule set .

Figure 1. In the Edit Tagging Rules dialog box for our file, the chapter_title element has a rule setting, which is linked to the chapter title style sheet. The words “new tag” appear because New tag for each paragraph is checked.

Click an element name on the DTD Tree, click Add Rule, check Style Sheet in the Rule Settings area, then choose the correct paragraph style sheet name from the pop-up menu. Optional: With the same element still selected, you could click Add Rule again, check Style Sheet, then assign any character style sheet to that element.

Check “New tag for each paragraph” to have avenue.quark tag each paragraph style sheet occurrence as a separate element in the XML file. Leave this box unchecked for character style sheets.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the other elements that are going to represent the style sheet names. At any time, you can click Duplicate to duplicate the currently selected rule or click Delete to delete the currently selected rule.

Click OK.

Click Save to save the rule set. The new tagging rule set will be listed on the Tagging Rule Set pop-up menu on the XML Workspace palette.

Where the DTD tree comes from

The DTD tree shown in the Edit Tagging Rules dialog box derives from the parent and child elements as defined in the DTD. To change what's listed on the DTD tree, you would have to redefine (rewrite) the elements in the DTD file.



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