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Chapter 24. XML > To edit the XML Tree:

To edit the XML Tree:

On the XML Workspace palette, click an element on the XML Tree.

Control-click/Right-click the element, then from the XML Tree submenu, choose one of these options :

Figure 1. The XML Tree submenus, showing options for modifying the XML Tree

Insert Child— a nested element will be inserted.

Insert Sibling Before or Insert Sibling After— an element on the same level of the tree will be inserted.

Replace— the selected element will be replaced by another element.

Delete— the selected element will be deleted.

Show Content Source— the selected element's content will be highlighted in the current QuarkXPress document.


From one of the Insert [ ] submenus or the Replace submenu:

Choose Insert (or Replace) with Preview to preview the edit on the XML Tree. Elements that are available for insertion or replacement will be listed on the left side of the dialog box . Click OK to accept the change (or click Cancel to reject the change).

Figure 2. This dialog box opens after choosing the Insert Sibling Before dialog box and the Insert With Preview option. Choose an element to insert from the list on the left; the XML Tree previews on the right.


Choose an element from the list at the bottom of the submenu to have that element be inserted or replaced at the selected point on the tree.

The XML Tree will update accordingly.

Multiple palettes

More than one XML file can be open at a time, and each file will have its own XML Workspace palette. The palette title bar will indicate to which file the palette belongs. The currently active XML Workspace palette has an edit icon n its upper-right corner.



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