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Chapter 4. Text Input - Pg. 82

82 Chapter 4. Text Input How does text get onto a page? To input or import text in Quark XPress, you have to first create a box to put it in or a text path to put it on. QuarkXPress has five tools that are expressly used for creating different-shaped text boxes, as well as two Bézier text box tools and four text path tools. In addition, you can convert any item into a text box or text path. Continuing with your studies Once you've learned the rudiments of manipulating text from this chapter--getting it into a box, highlighting it, and rearranging it--you'll be ready to explore these other topics: Paragraph formats Typography Style sheets Bézier text paths Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 13 Chapter 18 Note:If you checked Automatic Text Box in the New Document dialog box when you created your document, an automatic text box was placed on all your document pages. This box is used to flow text from page to page, and you'll learn all about it in the next chapter. For now, you can just delete the auto text box if it gets in the way (click on it, then press Cmd-K/Ctrl-K--or if you're in a lousy mood, Cmd-Option-Shift-K/Ctrl-Alt-Shift-K might cheer you up). To create a text box: 1. Choose any text box tool except a Bézier text tool (they're covered in Chapter 18). The cursor will turn into a crosshair. 2. Drag in any direction . When the mouse is released, the finished box will be selected and . When the Content tool is chosen and a text box is selected, a blinking ready for inputting text insertion marker appears in the box and the pointer turns into an I-beam.