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Chapter 5. Text Flow > To drag-copy pages from one document to another:

To drag-copy pages from one document to another:

Open the document you want to copy from and the one you want to copy to.

In the Mac OS: Option-Shift-press the title bar of either document and choose Tile Documents. In Windows: Choose Window > Tile Vertically, then choose View > Thumbnails.


To make room for new pages at the end of a document, drag the resize box on the target document window upward, click the down scroll arrow to scoot the document pages upward, then drag the resize box to lengthen the document window again (see the bottom window in the illustration at left).

Drag a page icon from one document window into the other. A copy of the page will appear in the target document. Pages will reshuffle depending on where you release the mouse (watch for the Force Right, Force Left, Force Down, or non-force pointer).


To drag multiple pages, click the first page in a series of consecutive pages, Shift-click the last page in the series , then drag (or Cmd-click/Ctrl-click non-consecutive pages). If the pages to be drag-copied contain linked text, copy all the linked pages at once. Otherwise, the text from the linked boxes will copy, but the links will be broken.

Figure 1. Drag-copying pages in Thumbnails view from one document to another

Rescuing an unsaveable file

If you get an error message that says your file can't be saved, DON'T CLOSE IT! Take a deep breath, chant a mantra, create a new document or open a template that has the same dimensions, use the method on this page to drag pages from the old document to the new (saving the new file periodically), then trash the corrupted file. If that doesn't work, the Markz Tools XTension by Markzware Software has a salvage feature for opening and salvaging damaged files.



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