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Chapter 5. Text Flow > To import text:

To import text:

Optional: Turn on Auto Page Insertion (see steps 4–6 on the previous page).

Choose the Content tool.

Click in a text box. Click in an automatic text box for auto page insertion. (If Auto Page Insertion is off, the imported text will flow into a box or a series of linked boxes, but new pages won't be added.)

Choose File > Get Text (Cmd-E/Ctrl-E).

Make sure Convert Quotes is checked .

Optional: Check Include Style Sheets if the file contains style sheets that you want to import.

Word styles

  • To import style sheets applied to text in Microsoft Word, check Include Style Sheets in the Get Text dialog box. If any style sheet names in the Word document match style sheet names in the QuarkXPress document, an alert dialog box will appear. To learn about the options in that dialog box, see page 43 (the same dialog box appears if a conflict crops up while appending style sheets). Also check Include Style Sheets to import ASCII text with XPress tags as styled text (typographic and formatting attributes are included).

  • The XPress Tags filter must be enabled for the Include Style Sheets box to be available. Use the XTensions Manager to enable/disable this import/export filter.

Highlight a text file, then click Open. In Windows, you can use the “Files of type” drop-down menu to narrow or widen the selection.


Double-click a text file (, next page).

Auto Page Insertion on

Figure 1. Auto Page Insertion is on, an automatic text box is selected, and then a text file is imported.



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