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Chapter 13. Style Sheets > To create a style sheet the easy way:

To create a style sheet the easy way:

For a paragraph style sheet, select either the first word of (or an entire) paragraph and apply any character or paragraph attributes, such as font, point size, type style, color, horizontal scaling, tracking, indents, leading, space after, H&J, horizontal alignment, tabs, rules, etc. that you want to be part of the style sheet. We will refer to this as the “sample” paragraph.


For a character style sheet, select and style a word or a string of words.

With the paragraph or text string still highlighted, choose Edit > Style Sheets (Shift-F11), then choose New: Paragraph or Character . Mac OS only: You can double-click the word “New” to create a paragraph style.


Control-press/Right-click in the paragraph (or character) style sheet area of the Style Sheets palette and choose New from the pop-up menu .

Type a descriptive Name for the new style sheet (, next page).

Optional: Press Tab to move the cursor to the Keyboard Equivalent field. Then press a function key, or press a numeric keypad key with or without a modifier [Cmd, Option, Shift, or Control (Mac OS)/Ctrl or Ctrl+Alt (Windows)].

Optional: To apply successive paragraph style sheets automatically as you input text, you can chain one style sheet to another. To do this, choose from the Next Style pop-up menu. Later, when you press Return/Enter as you input text, the Next Style sheet will apply automatically to the next paragraph you type. The Next Style has no effect on existing paragraphs.

What's the difference?

A character style sheet contains only character attributes: font, type style, point size, color, shade horizontal/vertical scale, tracking, and baseline shift. A character style sheet can be applied to one or more characters. In this book, the step numbers (2., 3.), figure numbers (, ), boldface words, italicized words, and the word TIP were styled using character style sheets.

A paragraph style sheet, on the other hand, contains paragraph formats, tabs, and rules. It derives its character attributes from the character style sheet that's currently associated with it. A paragraph style sheet can only be applied to entire paragraphs.

Click OK (then click Save, if necessary, to exit the Style Sheets dialog box). Be sure to apply the new style sheet to the sample paragraph, in addition to any other paragraphs (next page). Two other methods for creating a style sheet are described on page 215.

It's easy to typeset bulleted lists or numbered paragraphs: Use a character style sheet for the bullet or number and a paragraph style sheet for the body text.



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