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Chapter 23. Print > To modify the halftoning used by QuarkXPress

To modify the halftoning used by QuarkXPress

Choose File > Print, then check Separations in the Document pane.

Click the Output tab, then from the Halftoning pop-up menu :

Figure 1. Click a color plate name and choose different settings for that plate from the Halftone, Frequency, Angle, and Function column pop-up menus, as per your service provider's instructions.

Choose Conventional, then click the name of the plate to be modified. At the top of the Frequency, Angle, and Function columns are pop-up menus from which you can make additional choices. Be sure to check with your output service provider before choosing any new settings.


Choose Printer to have the printing device handle halftoning (with no modifications allowed); no halftone information will be sent to the printer by QuarkXPress. Note: This option is only available if Separations is unchecked in the Document pane.

From the Plates pop-up menu:

Choose Used Process & Spot to choose halftoning options for individual plates for only the process and spot colors that are used in the document.


Choose Convert to Process to convert all spot colors in the file to process colors.


Choose All Process & Spot to choose half toning options for all colors—process, spot, and RGB.

In the lower portion of the dialog box you'll see several columns. Use the Print pop-up menu to turn the printing of individual plates on or off.


To save yourself from repetitive setup work, create a print style containing halftoning options. Then all you have to do is choose that style from the Print Style pop-up menu in File > Print.



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