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Chapter 11. Pictures and Text > To wrap text around a picture:

To wrap text around a picture:

Choose the Item or Content tool.

Select a picture box, and make sure it's on top of the text box. If it's not, Control-click/Right-click and choose Send & Bring > Bring To Front.

Choose Item > Runaround (Cmd-T/Ctrl-T).

Choose Type: Non-White Areas.

Enter an Outset value in points to adjust the space between the picture and its surrounding text (-288 to 288). Try between 5 and 10 pt. Click Apply to preview.


Check Same As Clipping to have the text runaround conform to a Quark XPress clipping path and utilize all the options that were chosen for that clipping path. To edit this type of wrap, edit the clipping path.

Click Apply to preview again.

Click OK.

Press Cmd-Option-. (period)/Shift-Esc, if necessary, to force the screen to redraw.

Note: Normally, text will wrap around three sides of an obstruction (e.g., picture, picture box, text box) if the obstruction is placed within a column. To wrap text completely around an item, select the text box in the back, go to Item > Modify (Cmd-M/Ctrl-M), click the Text tab, check Run Text Around All Sides, then click OK .

Figure 1. You can make text run completely around a picture within the same column, but the text will be tiring to read, so don't use this option if you need to convey important information.

Figure 2. To run text inside the holes of a picture, choose Non-White Areas for the runaround type and uncheck Outside Edges Only.


Beware! If you choose Picture Bounds as the Clipping path type and choose Non-White Areas as the Runaround type, the text will wrap to the edge of the image, but it will be obscured by the opaque background of the picture. The edge of a picture box usually doesn't match up with the picture's bounding box.



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