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Chapter 11. Pictures and Text > To wrap text around an item:

To wrap text around an item:

The item the text is to wrap around must be on top of the text. It can be any kind of item (picture box, text box, text path, Bézier shape, or table). To bring it forward, select it, then choose Bring To Front from the Send & Bring submenu on the context menu.

The color code

The Margin color (the default is blue) is also used to represent an item's bounding box in the Runaround and Clipping dialog boxes. Similarly, the current Ruler color (the default is green) is used to represent the clipping path, and the current Grid color (the default is magenta) is used to represent the Runaround border. To change any of these colors, go to Edit > Preferences > Preferences > Application–Display (Cmd-Option-Shift-Y/Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Y).

Choose the Item or Content tool.

Select the picture box.

Choose Item > Runaround (Cmd-T/Ctrl-T).

Choose Type: Item .

To adjust the space between each side of a rectangular picture box and the text that's wrapping around it, enter Top, Left, Bottom, and Right values. If any other picture box shape is chosen, enter an Outset value.

Click Apply to preview the text wrap in the document window, then click OK . Note: If the item straddles two columns, text will wrap around all its sides; if it's within a column, text will wrap around three of its sides. For a complete wrap, in the latter case, click the text box, choose Item > Modify, click the Text tab, then check Run Text Around All Sides.

Figure 2. The text wraps around the picture box.


To choose default Runaround settings for any item creation tool, double- click the tool, click Modify, click Runaround, then choose settings.



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