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Our thanks to

Our thanks to

Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, publisher of Peachpit Press

Cary Norsworthy, senior editor

Marjorie Baer, executive acquisitions editor

Victor Gavenda, senior technical editor

Gary-Paul Prince, promotions manager

Keasley Jones, associate publisher

Lisa Brazieal, production coordinator

And the rest of the terrific staff at Peachpit Press

Glen Turpin, communications manager at Quark Inc., and the beta team, who kept the alphas and betas flowing and answered our technical questions

thepowerxchange.com, for supplying us with information about Quark XTensions

Nathan Olson, freelance writer, for helping us revise Chapter 21

Karen Reichstein, Maureen Forys, and Kate Kaminski, for updating and testing the keyboard shortcuts

Leona Benten and William Rodarmor, proofreaders

Steve Rath, indexer

Polling All Instructors

We'd like to hear your opinion. Our books are getting so big that something's gotta go. Please send us a note at: peterandelaine@peachpit.com with your suggestions about what we should include—or leave out—of our next editions of this book or, of our other Visual QuickStart Guides on Illustrator and Photoshop.

Thank you!

quark1 /kwa:k/ n. Physics any of a group of (originally three) postulated components of elementary particles Quarks are held to carry a charge one-third or two-thirds that of the proton Many predictions of this theory have been corroborated by experiments but free quarks have yet to be observed. In a sense, quark theory recapitulates at a deeper level efforts earlier this century to explain all atomic properties in terms of electrons, protons, and neutrons [coined by M Gell-Mann, 1964, from phrase 'Three quarks for Muster Mark!' in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (1939)]

quark2 /kwa:k/ n. a type of low-fat curd cheese.

From The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary, 1991, Oxford University Press

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