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Chapter 10. Multiple Items > To create guides using the Guide Manager:

To create guides using the Guide Manager:

If you only want the guides to appear on one page, go to that page now. Guides can't be placed on a master page.

Choose Utilities > Guide Manager, then click the Add Guides tab .

Figure 1. The Add Guides options in the Guide Manager dialog box

From the Direction pop-up menu in the Guide Placement area, choose Horizontal, Vertical, or Both as the orientation for the guides.

Optional: Check Locked Guides to lock the new guides. They can be unlocked later.

From the Where pop-up menu, choose the location for the guides: Current Page, Current Spread, All Pages, or All Spreads.

Do one or more of the following:

To specify the intervals between guides, check Spacing, then enter the desired interval in the Horizontal and Vertical fields. If no Spacing value is specified, the spacing will be calculated based on the Number of Guides.

If you don't want QuarkXPress to figure out how many guides to create, check Number of Guides, then enter Horizontal and Vertical values.

From the Origin/Boundaries pop-up menu, choose the starting point for the grid: Choose Inset to position guides from the edges of the page/spread at the inset values you specify; or choose Absolute Position, then specify a starting location for the guides; or choose Entire Page/Spread to have the grid start from the topmost left corner of the page or spread.

Optional: If Where: Current Page or All Pages is chosen, you can check Use Margins to have the grid be contained within the current margin guides.

Click Add Guides .

Figure 1. Guides are used for positioning items.

Click OK. You can run the Guide Manager again to add more guides.


The margin, ruler, and guide colors can be changed in Edit > Preferences > Preferences > Application–Display.



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