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Chapter 16. Layers > To hide all the layers except one: - Pg. 454

Layers 454 or Double-click a layer name, uncheck Visible, then click OK. Retrace your steps to make the layer visible again. To hide/show all the layers in a document: Click a layer name on the Layer palette, then Control-click/Right-click and choose Hide All Layers or Show All Layers from the context menu. To hide all the layers except one: 1. 2. On the Layers palette, click the layer you want to keep visible. Control-click/Ctrl-click the layer's Visible icon. or Control-click/Right-click and choose Hide Other Layers from the context menu. TIP To redisplay all layers, Control-click/Right-click and choose Show All Layers from the con- text menu. When a layer is locked, the objects on that layer can't be budged. Well, sort of. Items on a locked layer can be moved using the Measurements palette or the Origin fields in Item > Modify--they just can't be moved or scaled manually. Locking a layer also has a locking out effect--items can't be moved into it or out of it. You can create a new item on a locked layer, but that item will only remain unlocked until it's deselected; once it's deselected, it becomes locked.