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Appendix B. Keyboard shortcuts

Appendix B. Keyboard shortcuts

 Mac OSWindows
Display/hide palettes
Document LayoutF10F4
Style SheetsF11F11
Trap InformationOption-F12Ctrl+F12
Font UsageF13F2
Picture UsageOption-F13 
Dialog boxes
OK (or heavy bordered button)ReturnEnter
Display next tabCmd-Option-TabCtrl+Tab
Display previous tabCmd-Option-Shift-TabCtrl+Shift+Tab
CancelCmd-. (period) or EscEsc
Continuous apply (not Space/Align) (toggles on/off)Cmd-Option-A or Option-click ApplyAlt+A
Highlight fieldDouble-clickDouble-click
Dialog boxes and palettes
Highlight next fieldTabTab
Highlight previous fieldShift-TabShift+Tab
Revert to original valuesCmd-Z or F1Ctrl+Shift+Z
Tools palette
Show Tools or select next toolCmd-Option-TabCtrl+Alt+Tab
Show Tools or select previous toolCmd-Option-Shift-TabCtrl+Alt+Shift+Tab
Item tool/Content tool toggleShift-F8Shift+F8
Keep a tool selectedOption-click toolAlt+click+tool
Measurements palette
Display Measurements palette and highlight first fieldCmd-Option-MCtrl+Alt+M
Display measurements palette/highlight font fieldCmd-Option-Shift-M or Shift-F9Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M or Shift-F9
CutCmd-X or F2Ctrl+X
CopyCmd-C or F3Ctrl+C
PasteCmd-V or F4Ctrl+V
Whole document
New LibraryCmd-Option-NCtrl+Alt+N
New Web DocumentCmd-Option-Shift-NCtrl+Alt+Shift+N
Save As...Cmd-Option-SCtrl+Alt+S
Quit/ExitCmd-QCtrl+Q or Alt+F4
Revert to last Auto SaveOption-Revert to SavedAlt+Revert to Saved
Document SetupCmd-Option-Shift-PCtrl+Alt+Shift+P
UndoCmd-Z or F1Ctrl+Z
Fit in Window viewCmd-0 (zero)Ctrl+0 (zero)
Fit largest spread in windowOption-Fit in Window view or Cmd-Option-0 (zero)Alt+Fit in Window or Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero)
Actual Size viewCmd-1Ctrl+1
Zoom inControl-Shift-click or dragCtrl+Space bar click or drag
Zoom outControl-Option-Shift-clickCtrl+Alt+Space bar click
Highlight view percent fieldControl VCtrl+Alt+V
ThumbnailsShift-F6 or enter “T” in view percent field (press Return/Enter)Shift F6 or enter “T” in view percent field (press Return/Enter)
Halt redrawCmd-. (period)Esc
Force redrawCmd-Option-. (period)Shift+Esc
Show/hide Baseline GridOption-F7Ctrl+F7
Rulers and guides
Show/hide GuidesF7F7
Snap to GuidesShift-F7Shift+F7
Show/hide RulersCmd-RCtrl+R
Delete all horizontal ruler guides (no pasteboard showing)Option-click horizontal rulerAlt+click horizontal ruler
Delete all vertical ruler guides (no pasteboard showing)Option-click vertical rulerAlt+click vertical ruler
Document windows
Close active documentCmd-WCtrl+F4
Close all documentsCmd-Option-W or Option-click close boxNo Win equivalent listed No Win equivalent listed
Stack or tile windows (Windows users:Cascade or tile)Shift-press document title bar and choose Stack or TileWindows >Cascade, or Tile Horizontally, or Tile Vertically
Stack or tile at Actual Size view (Windows users:Cascade or tile)Control-Stack/TileCtrl+Alt+Cascade/Tile
Stack or tile at Fit in Window view (Windows users:Cascade or tile)Cmd-Stack/TileCtrl+Cascade/Tile
Stack or tile at Thumbnails view (Windows users:Cascade or tile)Option-Stack/TileAlt+Cascade/Tile
Maximize document window F3
Navigate through a document
Go To Page...Cmd-JCtrl+J
Page properties (Web documents)Cmd-Option-Shift-ACtrl-Alt-Shift-A
Start of storyControl A or HomeCtrl+Home
End of storyControl D or EndCtrl+End
Up one screenControl K or Page UpPage Up
Down one screenControl L or Page DownPage Down
To first pageControl Shift-A or Shift-HomeCtrl+Page Up
To last pageShift-EndCtrl+Page Down
To previous pageShift-Page UpShift+Page Up
To next pageShift-Page DownShift+Page Down
Page Grabber HandOption-dragAlt+drag
Toggle master/document page displayShift-F10Shift+F4
Display next master pageOption-F10Ctrl+Shift+F4
Display previous master pageOption-Shift-F10Ctrl+Shift+F3
Enable Live Scroll (Interactive Preference off)or Disable Live Scroll (Interactive Preference on)Option-drag scroll boxAlt+drag scroll box
Modify...Cmd-M or double-click item with Item toolCtrl+M
Delete itemCmd-KCtrl+K
Constrain rotation to 0°, 45°, 90°Shift-click with Rotation toolShift+while rotating
Move item (Content tool)Cmd-dragCtrl+drag
Nudge item 1 pointArrow keysArrow keys
Nudge item pointOption-arrow keysAlt+Arrow keys
Constrain movement to horizontal/vertical (Item tool)Shift-dragShift-drag
Constrain movement to horizontal/vertical (Content tool)Cmd-Shift-dragCtrl+Shift+drag
Select text
Show/Hide InvisiblesCmd-ICtrl+I
One word (no punctuation mark)Double-clickDouble-click
One word (with punctuation mark)Double-click between word and punctuationDouble-click between word and punctuation
One lineTriple-clickTriple-click
One paragraphClick four times quicklyClick four times quickly
Entire story (Select All) Content toolClick five times quickly or Cmd-AClick five times quickly or Ctrl-A
Previous characterShift-left arrowShift+left arrow
Next characterShift-right arrowShift+right arrow
Previous lineShift-up arrowShift+up arrow
Next lineDown arrowShift+down arrow
Previous wordCmd-Shift-left arrowCtrl+Shift+left arrow
Next wordCmd-Shift-right arrowCtrl+Shift+right arrow
From the insertion point to: Start of paragraphCmd-Shift-up arrowCtrl+Shift+up arrow
End of paragraphCmd-Shift-down arrowCtrl+Shift+down arrow
Start of lineCmd-Option-Shift-left arrowCtrl+Alt+Shift+left arrow or Shift+Home
End of lineCmd-Option-Shift-right arrowCtrl+Alt+Shift+right arrow or Shift+End
Start of storyCmd-Option-Shift-up arrow Ctrl+Alt+Shift+up arrow or Ctrl+Shift+Home
End of storyCmd-Option-Shift-downCtrl+Alt+Shift+down arrow or Ctrl+Shift+End
Move the text insertion point
Character-by-characterLeft and right arrowsLeft and right arrows
Line-by-lineUp and down arrowsUp and down arrows
Word-by-wordCmd-left and right arrowsCtrl+left and right arrows
Paragraph-by-paragraphCmd-up and down arrowsCtrl+up and down arrows
Start of lineCmd-Option-left arrowCtrl+Alt+left arrow or Home
End of lineCmd-Option-right arrowCtrl+Alt+right arrow or End
Start of storyCmd-Option-up arrowCtrl+Alt+up arrow or Ctrl+Home
End of storyCmd-Option-down arrowCtrl+Alt+down arrow Ctrl+End
Drag and drop text
Drag-copy (Interactive Preference on)Shift-dragShift+drag
Delete text
Previous characterDeleteBackspace
Next characterShift-DeleteDelete or Shift+Backspace
Previous wordCmd DeleteCtrl+Backspace
Next wordCmd-Shift-DeleteCtrl+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Selected charactersDeleteDelete
Resize text interactively
Resize text and boxCmd-drag handleCtrl+drag handle
Resize text and box proportionallyCmd-Option-Shift-drag handleCtrl+Alt+Shift+drag handle
Text flow
Get text...Cmd-ECtrl+E
Current page number (use on master page or document page)Cmd-3Ctrl+3
Previous text box page numberCmd-2Ctrl+2
Next text box page numberCmd-4Ctrl+4
Next columnEnterEnter
Next boxShift-EnterShift+Keypad Enter
Save TextCmd-Option-ECtrl+Alt+E
Open Section dialog box for currently displayed pageClick page number in lower left corner of Document Layout paletteClick page number in lower left corner of Document Layout palette
Open Insert Pages dialog boxOption-drag master page into document page areaAlt+drag master page into document page area
Paragraph formats
Increase leading 1 pointCmd-Shift-"Ctrl+Shift+"
Decrease leading 1 pointCmd-Shift-:Ctrl+Shift+:
Increase leading pointCmd-Option-Shift-"Ctrl+Alt+Shift+"
Decrease leading pointCmd-Option-Shift-:Ctrl+Alt+Shift+:
Delete all tab stopsOption-click tabs rulerAlt+click tabs ruler
Right-indent tabOption-Tab (in text box)Shift+Tab
Suggested HyphenationCmd-HCtrl+H
Set button in Tabs pane in Paragraph Attributes dialog boxCmd-SAlt+S
H&JsCmd-Option-H or Option-Shift-F11Ctrl+Shift+F11 or Ctrl+Alt+H
Copy formats from one paragraph to another in the same storySelect paragraph to be formatted,then Option-Shift-click in source paragraphSelect paragraph to be formatted,then Alt+ Shift+click in source paragraph
Character...Cmd-Shift-D or Cmd-Shift-\Ctrl+Shift+D or Ctrl+Shift+\
Select next fontHighlight text,then Option-F9Highlight text,then Ctrl+F9
Select previous fontHighlight text,then Option-Shift-F9Highlight text,then Ctrl+Shift+F9
Insert one Zapf Dingbats characterCmd-Shift-Z,then type characterCtrl+Shift+Z,then type character
Insert one Symbol characterCmd-Shift-Q,then type characterCtrl+Shift+Q,then type character
Baseline shift
Baseline Shift-up 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-+ (plus)Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 (zero)
Baseline Shift-down 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-- (hyphen)Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9
Style text
Plain textCmd-Shift-PCtrl+Shift+P
Word UnderlineCmd-Shift-WCtrl+Shift+W
All CapsCmd-Shift-KCtrl+Shift+K
Small CapsCmd-Shift-HCtrl+Shift+H
Strike ThruCmd-Shift-/Ctrl+Shift+/
SuperscriptCmd-Shift-+ (plus)Ctrl+Shift+0 (zero)
SubscriptCmd-Shift-- (hyphen)Ctrl+Shift+9
Horizontal alignment of text
Left alignmentCmd-Shift-LCtrl+Shift+L
Right alignmentCmd-Shift-RCtrl+Shift+R
Center alignmentCmd-Shift-CCtrl+Shift+C
Justified alignmentCmd-Shift-JCtrl+Shift+J
Forced justifyCmd-Option-Shift-JCtrl+Alt+Shift+J
Tracking and kerning
Increase Kerning/Tracking 10 unitsCmd-Shift-]Ctrl+Shift+]
Decrease Kerning/Tracking 10 unitsCmd-Shift-[Ctrl+Shift+[
Increase Kerning/Tracking 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-]Ctrl+Alt+Shift+]
Decrease Kerning/Tracking 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-[Ctrl+Alt+Shift+[
Horizontal/vertical type scale
Decrease scale 5%Cmd-[Ctrl+[
Increase scale 5%Cmd-]Ctrl+]
Decrease scale 1%Cmd-Option-[Ctrl+Alt+[
Increase scale 1%Cmd-Option-]Ctrl+Alt+]
Word space tracking
Increase Word Space 10 unitsCmd-Shift-Control ]Ctrl+Shift+]
Decrease Word Space 10 unitsCmd-Shift-Control [Ctrl+Shift+[
Increase Word Space 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-Control ]Ctrl+Alt+Shift+]
Decrease Word Space 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-Control [Ctrl+Alt+Shift+[
Special text characters
New paragraphReturnEnter
New lineShift-ReturnShift+Enter
Indent hereCmd-\Ctrl+\
Discretionary new lineCmd-ReturnCtrl+Enter
Discretionary hyphenCmd-- (hyphen)Ctrl+- (hyphen)
Nonbreaking standard hyphenCmd-=Ctrl+=
Nonbreaking standard spaceCmd-Space bar or Cmd-5Ctrl+5
Breaking en spaceOption-Space barCtrl+Shift+6
Nonbreaking en spaceCmd-Option-Space bar or Cmd-Option-5Ctrl+Alt+Shift+6
Breaking flex spaceOption-Shift-Space barCtrl+Shift+5
Nonbreaking flex spaceCmd-Option-Shift-Space barCtrl+Alt+Shift+5
Nonbreaking em dashCmd-Option-=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+=
Breaking em dashOption-Shift-- (hyphen)Ctrl+Shift+=
Nonbreaking en dashOption-- (hyphen)Ctrl+Alt+Shift+- (hyphen)
Break at discretionary hyphen onlyCmd-- (hyphen) before first character in wordCtrl+-(hyphen) before first character in word
Breaking punctuation spaceShift-Space barShift+Space
Nonbreaking punctuation space Cmd-Shift-Space barCtrl+Shift+Space
Resize table, rows, and columns (not content) non-proportionallyNo modifier keys 
Resize table, rows, and columns (not content) proportionallyOption-ShiftAlt-Shift
Resize table, rows, columns, and content non-proportionallyCmdCtrl
Resize table to a square; content doesn't resizeShiftShift
Resize table, rows, columns, and content proportionallyCmd-Option-ShiftCtrl-Alt-Shift
Import a picture
Get Picture...(Item or Content tool)Cmd-ECtrl+E
TIFF, GIF, JPEG: line art to grayscaleOption-OpenAlt+ Open
grayscale to black-and-whiteCmd-OpenCtrl+ Open
color to grayscaleCmd-OpenCtrl+ Open
Pictures and picture boxes or Béziers
Center picture in boxCmd-Shift-MCtrl+Shift+M
Move picture in box 1 pointArrow keysArrow keys
Move picture in box pointOption-arrow keysAlt+arrow keys
Fit picture to boxCmd-Shift-FCtrl+Shift+F
Fit picture to box (maintain aspect ratio)Cmd-Option-Shift-FCtrl+Alt+Shift+F Victortest
Enlarge picture in 5% incrementsCmd-Option-Shift->Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>
Reduce picture in 5% incrementsCmd-Option-Shift-<Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<
Constrain box to square or circleShift-dragShift+drag
Resize box (maintain aspect ratio)Option-Shift-dragAlt+Shift+drag
Resize picture and box (Item > Edit > Shape off for Béziers)Cmd-dragCtrl+drag
Resize picture and box (constrain proportions of box, not picture)Cmd-Shift-dragCtrl+Shift+drag
Resize picture and box (maintain aspect ratio)Cmd-Option-Shift-dragCtrl+Alt+Shift+drag
Picture styling
Picture Contrast...Cmd-Shift-CCtrl+Shift+C
NegativeCmd-Shift--(hyphen)Ctrl+Shift+- (hyphen)
Halftone (grayscale, line art only)Cmd-Shift-HCtrl+Shift+H
Edit runaroundOption-F4Ctrl+F10
Edit clipping pathOption-Shift-F4Ctrl+Shift+F10
Bézier box or line (or clipping path)
Add a pointOption-click line segmentAlt+click line segment
Delete a pointOption-click pointAlt+click point or Backspace (Item tool)
Delete selected Bézier point while drawing shapeDeleteBackspace
Edit Bézier while drawing itCmdCtrl
Constrain line, point, or handle movement to 0°, 45°, 90°Shift-dragShift+drag
Temporarily suspend text reflowSpace barSpace bar
Retract one curve handleOption-click handleAlt+ click handle
Retract both curve handlesControl-shift-click pointCtrl+Shift+click point
Expose/create curve handleControl-shift-drag pointCtrl+Shift+drag point
Select all points in active item (combined paths/items)Cmd-Shift-A or triple-click pointCtrl+Shift+A or triple-click point
Select all points in active item (single path)Double-click point or Cmd-Shift-ACtrl+Shift+A or double-click point
Convert Bézier line to filled-center Bézier boxOption-Item menu > Shape > Alt+item menu > Shape >
Edit ShapeShift-F4F10
Convert Bézier point
To a corner pointOption-F1Ctrl+F1
To a smooth pointOption-F2Ctrl+F2
To a symmetrical pointOption-F3Ctrl+F3
Corner to smooth/smooth to cornerControl-Shift-drag curve handleCtrl+Shift+drag curve handle
Smooth to corner while drawing shapeCmd-Control drag curve handleCtrl+click point, then press Ctrl+F1
Convert Bézier segment
Curved to a straight segmentOption-Shift-F1Ctrl+Shift+F1
Straight to a curved segmentOption-Shift-F2Ctrl+Shift+F2
Line or text
Increase width/size to preset sizeCmd-Shift->Ctrl+Shift+>
Decrease width/size to preset sizeCmd-Shift-<Ctrl+Shift+<
Increase width/size by 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift->Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>
Decrease width/size by 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-<Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<
Other width & Other sizeCmd-Shift-\Ctrl+Shift+\
Constrain resize/rotate to 0°, 45°, 90°Shift-dragShift+drag
Constrain to original angleOption-Shift-dragAlt+Shift+drag
Style sheets
Display PaletteF11F11
Open Edit Style Sheet dialog boxCmd-click style sheet with Content toolCtrl+click style sheet with Content tool
Display Edit Style Sheet menuCtrl-click style sheet nameRight+click style sheet name
Apply No Style, then style sheetOption-click style name on Style Sheets paletteAlt+click style name on Style Sheets palette
Colors...Cmd-click color on Colors palette or Shift-F12Ctrl+click color on Color palette or Shift+F12
Multiple items
Select All (Item tool)Cmd-ACtrl+A
Select multiple items (Item tool)Shift-click or marqueeShift+click or marquee
Step and Repeat...Cmd-Option-DCtrl+Alt+D
Select behind other itemsCmd-Option-Shift-clickCtrl+Alt+Shift+click
Bring to FrontF5F5
Send to BackShift-F5Shift+F5
Bring Forward one levelOption-Item menu-Bring Forward or Option-F5Ctrl+F5
Send Backward one levelOption-Item menu- Send Backward or Option-Shift-F5Ctrl+Shift+F5
Space/Align...Cmd-, (comma)Ctrl+, (comma)
Anchored boxes
Text to box (anchor box and delete text)Option-choose Style menu > Text to BoxAlt+choose Style menu > Text to Box
Check spelling
Check WordCmd-LCtrl+W
Check StoryCmd-Option-LCtrl+Alt+W
Check DocumentCmd-Option-Shift-LCtrl+Alt+Shift+W
Add all suspect words to current auxiliary dictionaryOption-Shift-Alt+Shift+click Close button click Done button
Change Find Next button to Find FirstOption-Find Next (in Find/Change dialog box)Alt+Find Next (in Find/Change dialog box)
Close Find/ChangeCmd-Option-FCtrl+Alt+F
Wild card (Find what)Cmd-?Ctrl+?
SpaceSpace barSpace bar
Tab\t\t or Ctrl+Tab
New paragraphCmd-Return or \pCtrl+Enter or \p
New lineCmd-Shift-Return or \nCtrl+Shift+Enter or \n
New columnCmd-Enter or \c\c
New boxCmd-Shift-Enter or \b\b
Punctuation spaceCmd-. (period) or \.Ctrl+. (period) or \.
Flex spaceCmd-Shift-F or \fCtrl+Shift+F or \f
BackslashCmd-\ or \\Ctrl+\ or \\
Previous box page numberCmd-2 or \2Ctrl+2 or \2
Current box page numberCmd-3 or \3Ctrl+3 or \3
Next box page numberCmd-4 or \4Ctrl+4 or \4
Display paletteCmd-Option-I 
Highlight text fieldCmd-Option-I 
Add highlighted entryCmd-Option-Shift-I 
Edit highlighted index entryDouble-click 
Compare components
Compare two style sheets,colors,lists,H&Js,dashes &stripes,print stylesOpen dialog box from Edit menu,Cmd-click two components,then Option-click Append (Import button in Print Styles)Open dialog box from Edit menu,Crtl-click two components,then Alt click Append (Import button in Print Styles)
Document Preferences...Cmd-YCtrl+Y
Document > ParagraphCmd-Option-YCtrl+Alt+Y
Document > TrappingOption-Shift-F12Ctrl+Shift+F12
Tool PreferencesDouble-click item creation or Zoom toolDouble-click item creation or Zoom tool
Application PreferencesCmd-Option-Shift-YCtrl+Alt+Shift+Y
Page SetupCmd-Option-PCtrl+Alt+P
Save Page as EPSCmd-Option-Shift-SCtrl+Alt+Shift+S
Note: If you choose an F key as a Keyboard Equivalent for a style sheet, it will override the default F key command.



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