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Appendix A. Online ARG Resources - Pg. 245

245 Online ARG Resources Throughout this book, I have referenced various online resources for exploring the rich and fasci- nating world of alternate reality gaming. While some of these resources are specifically related to the games themselves, others are more tangential in that they suggest, either directly or indirectly, the many intriguing directions that alternate reality gaming might be headed. Admittedly, some of these directions are of my own suggestion (that is, they are areas I'd like ARGs to move into); however, most of the Web sites, articles, and forums that I have referenced have a direct connection to the game genre, and are worthy of exploration. Keep in mind that this appendix is not intended to be an absolute listing of all online ARG resources. New sites (and new games, of course!) are always coming online since the interest in this topic will only continue to grow. Still, you can think of the references listed in this appendix as great places to start in your exploration of alternate reality gaming, both in terms of playing the games and un- derstanding the theory and concepts behind their creation. Tip The online resources listed in this appendix are intended as general points of reference,