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  • John W. Gosney is currently the director of information technology for the Indiana University School of Dentistry. John has worked in both the publishing and pharmaceutical industries as an application developer, technical writer, and training consultant, and he writes extensively on all facets of the IT arena, from market analysis and forecasts to guidebooks on a variety of topics. John is also associate faculty for the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts (Indianapolis campus), where he teaches a variety of literature and American Studies courses. Through the use of novel pedagogies and the integration of various technologies including blogging, Web design, and computer gaming, John encourages his students to consider and explore the larger inter-textual relationships found within everything they read. Through his teaching and research, John is also interested in how technology—especially Webbased technologies—can further enhance the delivery of curriculum to both secondary and post-secondary students, across a broad spectrum of subjects and issues. John received his B.A. in technical writing and psychobiology from Purdue University. In 1996, he was awarded an M.A. in English from Butler University.When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and furthering his reputation as an expert in all things popular culture.

  • No previous gaming experience is required; however, for experienced gamers, this book serves as provides extensive resources (e.g. Web sites, etc.) for being involved in an ARG.

  • Participate in the Route 66 ARG contained within the pages of the book.

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