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Chapter 5. Playing with Console and Arca... >  Programming Music for the Nintendo ... - Pg. 215

Programming Music for the Nintendo Entertainment System The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in North America in 1985, two years after its release in Japan where it was known as the Family Computer (Fa- micom). It enjoyed a particularly long life, remaining in production for nearly 10 years. Over these years, hundreds of games were released for the console, and it could certainly be argued that it earned the title of king of the 8-bit generation. One of the most mem- orable aspects of the NES was its distinctive sound--the cute chip melodies many of us can still easily recall today. However, maybe it's time to stop humming the theme from Super Mario Bros. and start composing your own music for this legendary console. This is where MCK/MML comes in, a toolset that provides you with everything needed in order to program original tunes for the NES. So let's get to it! MCK/MML Workspace Setup The first step is to download the necessary files. The first four files are available from mckc-e.txt This file is available from Organize MCK/MML workspace Create a folder called workspace, and unzip all files contained in and into this folder. Now extract only nesasm.exe from into this same folder. Next, create a new folder inside workspace called DMCconv, and extract the files from into this folder. Create and modify files Create a new text file, call it songdata.mml, and place it in your workspace folder. This is the text file from which you will use the Music Macro Language (MML) to program your tune. First, open make_nsf.txt, and scroll to the end of the file where you will find several .include statements. After the last one, add this line to the file: .include "songdata.h" . Also look for these lines in make_nsf.txt: .org db db $800E "Song Name" $00 Programming Music for the Nintendo Entertainment System | 215