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Chapter 2. Playing Portably > Explore the Bandai WonderSwan - Pg. 85

Other odd options There are several other unconventional portable console devices; most involve the much-loved NES and Famicom. The AdFami ( game030404h.shtml), newly released in Japan, is a unique add-on for the Game Boy Advance SP that plays Famicom games. It's even color-coordinated to match the spe- cial-edition NES version of the SP, which should be available in the United States by the time you read this. There's also an official Famicom-to-NES converter for the Ad- Fami that solves a lot of the problems with the other devices. This is very tempting, although there haven't yet been any reviews that describe compatibility and quality. Rolling Your Own Portable Console This is where the insanity begins. There's little chance I could actually explain how to redesign an existing console to fit into a portable unit within the space of this hack. It's definitely possible, though, if you consider the misleadingly named Atari 2600 Portable Page (, which is the center for clever research in making hitherto unportable consoles portable. Some of the highlights include making a portable Atari 2600, of which there is a step- by-step, if extremely complex, guide ( %20Step%20Hacking.htm). The Portable PlayStation is true insanity (http://www.clas, while the Super Nintendo Portable (http://www is ingenious.