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Chapter 3. The Most Influential U.S. Eco... > Business Inventories - Pg. 138

138 Chapter 3 · The Most Influential U.S. Economic Indicators B USINESS I NVENTORIES (F ORMALLY KNOWN AS M ANUFACTURING AND T RADE I NVENTORIES AND S ALES ) Market Sensitivity: Low to medium. What Is It: Tracks total U.S. business sales and inventories. News Release on the Internet: Home Web Address: Release Time: 10 a.m. (ET); released six weeks after the month ends. Frequency: Monthly. Source: Census Bureau, Department of Commerce. Revisions: Tend to be small. Annual benchmark changes come out in the spring or summer and can cover several years. W HY I S I T I MPORTANT ? "Business inventories." The term alone is enough for many to shut this book for good. Despite its irksome title, this release by the Census Bureau offers a lot of useful