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Part VII: Appendixes > Creating the BOOKS Table

D.2. Creating the BOOKS Table

To define the design of the Books table, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the New button in the Library Database window. Access opens the New Table dialog, which contains a list box with a variety of options. Select Design View and click OK. Access opens the Table1 Table window, as shown in Figure 4.3, which allows you to define the fields in a new database table.

    Figure D-3. The Table1 Table window

  2. Enter the information shown in Table 4.1 into the Field Name and Data Type columns of the Table1 Table window. Note that you can select the data type from a drop-down list box.

    Table D.1. Fields of the BOOKS Table
    Field Name Data Type
    ISBN Text
    Title Text
    PubID Text
    Price Currency

  3. When you select a field, its properties are displayed in the lower portion of the dialog. Next, enter the individual field properties shown in Table 4.2 in the Field Properties portion of the dialog. Note that you don't have to add or modify any properties of the Price field.

    Table D.2. Nondefault Properties of the BOOKS Table
    Field Name Property Value
    ISBN Indexed Yes (No Duplicates)
    Title Field Size 200
      Indexed Yes (Duplicates OK)
    PubID Indexed Yes (Duplicates OK)
    Price Format Currency

  4. Designate ISBN as the table's primary key. To do this, either click on the Primary Key button on the toolbar (the 11th button from the left of the toolbar, and immediately to the left of the Undo button), or right-click on the row selector (the shaded gray field to the right of the ISBN's Field Name column) and select Primary Key from the pop-up menu.

  5. Save the completed table design. Either click the Save button on the toolbar (the second button from the left) or select the Save option from the File menu. When Access opens the Save As dialog, type BOOKS into the Table Name text box and click OK.

  6. Close the BOOKS table in Design View.



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