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Chapter 16. Retrieving Data with ADO > Creating and Opening a Recordset - Pg. 245

Creating and Opening a Recordset A forward-only cursor is a static cursor that restricts movement. You can only move for- ward through the records. This is the default ADO cursor. 245 How you need to use the data determines the type of cursor you choose. The dynamic cur- sor is the most flexible but requires the most resources (and isn't available in Access). Dynamic cursors can be slow to perform. On the other hand, the forward-only cursor usu- ally responds quickly and requires fewer resources, but it's the most restrictive of the four-- you can't change data and you can't move backward through the records. CAUTION Microsoft Jet doesn't support dynamic cursors, even though, through ADO, you can request one from Jet.When you do, Jet returns a keyset cursor, which does not show you records added by other users that would appear in a true dynamic Recordset.The best workaround is to request your Recordset often so you can work with the most up-to-date data. 16 Creating and Opening a Recordset Create a Recordset by using the Dim keyword to declare it in the form