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Chapter 19. Performing Advanced Data Operations > Using Other Schema Recordsets

Using Other Schema Recordsets

The Jet database engine can actually supply quite a few schema recordsets other than the user roster. Table 19.1 lists the standard ADO schema recordsets that the Jet engine supports.

Table 19.1. Standard Schema Recordsets Supported by Access
adSchemaCheckConstraintsA recordset of validation rules in the database.
adSchemaColumnsA recordset of fields in the database.
adSchemaConstraintColumnUsageA recordset that shows which columns are affected by which constraints.
adSchemaForeignKeysA recordset of foreign keys in the database.
adSchemaIndexesA recordset of indexes in the database.
adSchemaKeyColumnUsageA recordset that shows which columns are included in which keys.
adSchemaPrimaryKeysA recordset that shows all the primary keys in the database.
adSchemaProceduresA recordset of queries that have parameters.
adSchemaProviderTypesA recordset that lists the data types that Jet supports.
adSchemaReferentialConstraintsA recordset of referential integrity constraints.
adSchemaStatisticsA recordset of database statistics.
adSchemaTableConstraintsA recordset of table-level validation rules.
adSchemaTablesA recordset of tables in the database.
adSchemaTrusteesA recordset of users and groups defined in the database.
adSchemaViewsA recordset of queries that do not have parameters.



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