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Chapter 9. Designing Forms for Efficient... > Using Controls to Limit Data-Entry C... - Pg. 185

Designing Forms for Efficient and Accurate Data Entry Modifier , :;-/ < > ! Password Description Thousands separator. Date and time separators. Displays all the following letters as lowercase. Displays all the following letters as uppercase. 185 Displays the input mask from right to left when you have optional data placeholders on the left. Displays the characters as asterisks so that other people can't read the data. You can enter your input mask expressions directly into the Input Mask property or you can modify a predefined input mask using the Input Mask Wizard. For example, suppose your company uses account numbers that consist of four uppercase letters and four digits, with a dash (-) in between. Here's an input mask suitable for entering such numbers: >aaaa\-0000 Note, too, that input masks can contain up to three sections separated by semicolons (;): first;second;third first -- This section holds the input mask expression. second -- This optional section specifies whether Access stores the literals in the table when you enter data. Use 0 to include the literals; use 1 (or nothing) to store only the data. third -- This optional section specifies the placeholder character. The default is the underscore