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Chapter 10. Using Cross-Tabs for Summari... > Crystal Reports in the Real World—Ad...

Crystal Reports in the Real World—Advanced Cross-Tabs

Although a single Cross-Tab that covers all the data in a report can be quite useful, with some large datasets it can be quite unreadable. A simple solution to this is to group the report and place the cross-tab in the group header or footer. Cross-tabs are context sensitive and if placed in a group header or footer will show only data for that group.

Using the skills described in earlier chapters, create a new report from the Xtreme Sample Database. Add the Customer table to the report, group the report by country, and remove all fields but the Country field in the group header. See Figure 10.15 for a visual of the report's starting point.

Figure 10.15. Report framework.

From the Report menu, choose Cross-Tab. From the list of available fields, select Customer Name and add it to the Rows window of the Cross-Tab. Select the Region and add it to the Columns window. Select Last Year's Sales and add it to the Summarized Fields window. Check your work against Figure 10.16 for accuracy.

Figure 10.16. Building the cross-tab.

Click OK to close the Cross-Tab expert. Add the cross-tab to the group header and preview the report. In Figure 10.17, the completed report can be seen.

Figure 10.17. Grouped cross-tabs can avoid confusion through improved readability.

Save the report as GroupedCrossTab.rpt.



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