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Chapter 14. Designing Effective Report T... > Understanding How Templates Work - Pg. 278

Designing Effective Report Templates If you don't like a template that you've just applied or it doesn't accomplish what you had hoped for, you can undo this action by going back in to the Template Expert. At the bottom of the dialog box, you will find a button that says Undo the Current Template. After selecting it and clicking OK, the template is removed. 278 Understanding How Templates Work A lot of report formatting tasks were accomplished in the two minutes it took to apply the template in the previous exercise, including · Adding the Powered by Crystal logo to the report (along with its ToolTip and hyperlink) from the Crystal Repository · Adding an image that says Confidential as an underlay to each page of the report · Modifying the fonts and positions of all the database fields · Showing the Record Selection Formula on the report · Adding dashed lines between all items in the Details Section · Adding a rounded box around the Record Selection Formula · Using a rounded box to show where groups start and end · Moving the Field Headings for each data field into the Group Header and formatting them with double lines TIP One of the more advantageous features of templates is that even if more fields are in the target report's Details section than the template has, it duplicates the data field formatting for those extra fields. It puts them into a separate Detail Section (usually titled Details B) so