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Chapter 1. FileMaker Overview > Overview of the FileMaker 7 Product Line

Overview of the FileMaker 7 Product Line

FileMaker Pro is just one product in a broader product line. It's worth noting the differences between the different products and how they work together.

  • FileMaker Pro 7— This is the regular desktop version of FileMaker. It can be used to author new database systems, to host systems for a limited number of guests, or to serve as a guest of a hosted system. It can also publish as many as 10 database files to up to 5 users with Instant Web Publishing.

  • FileMaker Server 7— This is for hosting only databases for FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Server 7 can host a maximum of 125 database files and 250 FileMaker Pro 7 or FileMaker Pro Developer 7 client connections. In addition, it can manage database backup schedules, log usage statistics, disconnect idle users, and manage FileMaker plug-in updates.

  • FileMaker Server 7 Advanced— FileMaker Server 7 Advanced has all the features of FileMaker Server 7, and can also host ODBC/JDBC and Web-based client connections. It has the same limit of 250 connections for FileMaker Pro and ODBC/JDBC client connections, but Web connections can have an additional 100 client connections (see Figure 1.3).

    Figure 1.3. You can mix and match the maximum number of different types of client connections with FileMaker Server 7 Advanced.

  • FileMaker Pro Developer 7— This is similar to the regular version of FileMaker Pro, except that it has additional functionality aimed at application developers. A Script Debugger feature allows developers to walk through scripts one step at a time, and to watch the effect of each script step. The Database Design Report (DDR) feature enables developers to document and troubleshoot development issues from a system-wide perspective. The developer version also enables you to define custom functions that can be used in calculations.

    The Developer Edition also comes with a run-time binder that allows developers to bundle database solutions with the FileMaker engine so that users won't need to own FileMaker to run the database solution. The Developer Edition also comes with sample code to assist developers in working with ODBC, XML, and so on.

  • FileMaker Mobile— FileMaker Mobile is a slimmed down version of FileMaker designed to run on Palm and Pocket PC PDAs. FileMaker Mobile can synchronize with the regular version of FileMaker so that portions of system data can be taken out on a Palm or Pocket PC device. When that device reconnects with the network, any changes that have been made can be synchronized into the main system.



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