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Chapter 5. Working with Tables > Checking Spelling

Checking Spelling

The Spelling feature helps you proofread your data by identifying potentially misspelled words and suggesting possible spellings to use instead. You can correct the spelling, ignore the word, add the word to the dictionary, or create an AutoCorrect entry. In addition, you can control the kinds of spelling errors Access identifies by specifying the spelling options you want in effect. If the text in your database is written in more than one language, you can automatically detect languages or designate the language of selected text so the spelling checker uses the right dictionary.

Check the Spelling in a Table

Display the table in Datasheet view, click the row selector for the record or select the field you want to check. Drag to select additional rows.

Click the Spelling button on the Table Datasheet toolbar. If Access identifies any misspelled words, it opens the Spelling dialog box.

Correct or ignore the identified words, as appropriate.

  • Click Ignore to ignore the word and retain its spelling. Click Ignore All to ignore all instances of the word.

  • Click Add to add the word to the dictionary so the spelling checker won't identify it as a misspelled word.

  • Click a word in the Suggestions list, and then click Change to spell the word with the selected spelling. Click Change All to change all instances of the word to the selected spelling.

  • Click AutoCorrect to add the word to the AutoCorrect list.



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