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Chapter 11. Importing and Exporting Info... > Importing and Exporting XML Data

Importing and Exporting XML Data

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a universal language that enables you to move information across the Internet and programs where the data is stored independently of the format so you can use the data more seamlessly in other forms. XML is fully supported in Office 2003 through Word, Excel, and Access. Access allows you to import and export XML data as well as transform the data to and from other formats using XML related files, such as Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), which provides a flexible and consistent way to present your data. When you import and export XML data, you can use an XML Schema (XSD)—a set of rules that defines the elements and content used in an XML file—to ensure the data conforms to a defined structure. XML schemas and XSL transformations are created by developers who understand XML.

Import Data and Schema from XML

Open the database in which you want to import.

Click the File menu, point to Get External Data, and then click Import.

Click the Files Of Type list arrow, and then click XML.

Select and locate the XML data or schema file.

Click Import.

Click Options.

Click an import option.

  • Structure Only

  • Structure And Data

  • Append Data To Existing Table(s)

To select a transform, click Transform, click a transform, and then click OK.

Click OK, and then, if necessary, click OK again.



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