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Chapter 5. Working with Jet Databases an... > Setting Default Values of Fields

Setting Default Values of Fields

Access assigns Number and Currency fields a default value of 0; all other field types are empty by default. (Notice that the tentative append record in Figure 5.22 has zeros entered in all the Number and Currency fields.) You can save data-entry time by establishing default values for fields; in some cases, Access’s default values for Number and Currency fields might be inappropriate, and you must change them. Table 5.9 lists the default values you should enter for the HRActions table’s fields.

Table 5.9. Default Field Values for the HRActions Table
Field NameDefault ValueComments
EmployeeIDNull0 is not a valid Employee ID number, so you should remove Access’s default.
ActionTypeQQuarterly performance reviews are the most common personnel action.
InitiatedByNull0 is not a valid Employee ID number.
ScheduledDate=Date()This expression enters today’s date from the computer system’s clock.
ApprovedByNull0 is not a valid Employee ID.
EffectiveDate=Date()+28This expression enters today’s date plus four weeks.
HRRatingNullIn many cases, a rating doesn’t apply. A 0 rating is reserved for terminated employees.
NewSalaryNullIf a salary, hourly rate, bonus, or commission has no change, no entry should appear. 0 would indicate no salary, for example.
HRCommentsNo EntryAccess’s default is adequate.



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