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Chapter 3. Navigating the Access User In... > Opening the Northwind.mdb Sample Dat...

Opening the Northwind.mdb Sample Database

The Northwind Traders sample database (Northwind.mdb) is the primary Access application used in the examples of this book. The default location for Access databases and other application-related files, such .htm files for Data Access Pages, is the My Documents folder. The \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Samples folder holds the Access sample files.

To open Northwind.mdb and display its Database window, do the following:

Launch Access, if it isn’t running.

Choose Help, Sample Databases, Northwind Sample Database to open Northwind.mdb and display its splash screen form (see Figure 3.2).

Figure 3.2. When you open Northwind.mdb, code in the Startup module displays the Startup form, unless you mark the Don’t Show This Screen Again check box.

Mark the Don’t Show This Screen Again check box, and click OK to open the Main Switchboard form (see Figure 3.3).

Figure 3.3. The Main Switchboard form lets you view four sample forms or print three types of sales reports.

Optionally, click the buttons in the View Products and Other Information frame to open four of the sample forms, and try printing one of the sales reports.

Close the Main Switchboard form to give the focus to the Database window.

After you open Northwind.mdb for the first time, an entry for the database appears in the most-recently used (MRU) list under the Open heading of the Getting Started task pane. It’s quicker to open Northwind.mdb or any other recently used databases from the task pane. If the task pane isn’t open, press Ctrl+F1 or choose View, Task Pane to display it.


To prevent the Main Switchboard form from appearing each time you open Northwind.mdb, choose Tools, Startup to open the Startup Dialog. Open the Display Form/Page list, select (None), and click OK to close the dialog.

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