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Chapter 24. Designing and Deploying Data... > Using AutoPage to Create Columnar DA...

Using AutoPage to Create Columnar DAP

Access 2003’s AutoPage feature generates a simple DAP from tables or queries. If all you need is a simple page that displays one record at a time, AutoPage is the fastest approach. To test the AutoPage feature, do the following:

Click the Database window’s Pages shortcut, if necessary, and click the New button to open the New Data Access Page dialog.

Select AutoPage: Columnar in the list and select a table or query in the drop-down list. This example uses the Quarterly Orders by Product query (see Figure 24.22).

Figure 24.22. The New Data Access Page dialog offers choices similar to those of the New Form dialog.

Click OK to generate the page. After a second or two, depending on the speed of your PC, the page opens in Page view without a title (see Figure 24.23). If you specified a default theme when testing the Page Wizard, the default theme is applied automatically to your page.

Figure 24.23. The AutoPage: Columnar choice generates a simple page with a single navigation control for the table or query that you select.


The Quarterly Orders by Product page is read-only because its underlying summary query is read-only. All queries that return aggregate values, such as Jet crosstab queries, are read-only.

Save the page as QuarterlyOrdersByProduct.htm in your working folder, and acknowledge the warning message.



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