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Chapter 16. Sharing Data > Sending Access Objects in Email

Sending Access Objects in Email

Remember earlier when you wanted to share your catalogs with your gardening friend? Well, you could export that data to a disc or simply send the data to her via email. Certainly, if you both have email, that would be the easiest choice. Fortunately, Access 2002 makes sharing data via email extremely easy. In this next exercise, you send the catalog data to yourself using email. Follow these steps:

In the Database window, click the Tables shortcut and select Catalogs.

Select Send To from the File menu.

The resulting submenu offers two options, but only the Mail Recipient (As Attachment) is enabled, so select it.

In the Send dialog box, choose a format for the data you’re sending. Table 16.1 explains the various options. For this example, select Rich Text Format (*.rtf), and then click OK.

Table 16.1. Email Format Options
Send OptionExplanation
HTMLSends the data in a Web-ready file.
TextSends the data as a text file (tabular).
Microsoft Active Server PagesSends the data as a .asp file.
ExcelSends the data in Excel format (be sure to select the appropriate version).
Microsoft IISSends the data as an ICD or HTX file, which Internet Information Server uses to retrieve data from an ODBC data source and format as an HTML document. This option is beyond the scope of this book and one you’ll probably not use.
Rich Text FormatSends the data as a .rtf file (a type of text file that retains some formatting).
Data Access PageSends the data as a data access page (see Chapter 10, “Take Your Data to the Web with Pages,” for information on the page object).
XMLSends the data as an XML file. We don’t discuss XML in this book.

Access uses your default email software to display a new message that contains the Catalogs table as a text attachment (remember, you selected Text File in the previous step). Address the email to yourself.

Click Send.



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