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Lesson 20. Customizing a Report - Pg. 118

118 Chapter 20. Customizing a Report In this lesson, you learn how to use Report Design view to make your reports more attractive. Entering Report Design View You've already seen that you can create reports using AutoReport and the Report Wizard. After you've created a report using either of these methods, you can edit or enhance the report in the Report Design view. You can also create Reports from scratch in the Report Design view. The Report Design view is similar to the Form Design view that you worked with in Lesson 13, "Modifying a Form," and Lesson 14, "Adding Special Controls to Forms." Like forms, reports are made up of controls that are bound to fields in a table or tables in the database. To edit an existing report in the Design view, follow these steps: 1. 2. Click the Reports icon in the database window. In the list of reports provided, select the report you want to modify.