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Today’s organizations are swimming in data but thirsty for knowledge. The need to access data, effectively manage information, increase knowledge, and gain a competitive advantage from that information is an increasingly complex problem that organizations across the world contend with on a daily basis. Information management problems can range from simple questions, such as how to publish an employee list on a corporate intranet, to complex issues, such as how to gather relevant information from disparate data systems and present it over the Web in a meaningful, secure way.

Special Edition Using Crystal Enterprise was written to help you take on the challenge of deploying Crystal Enterprise as a solution to your organization’s information delivery and reporting challenges. This book will help you understand where and how Crystal Enterprise can be applied to solve business problems. We’ve written the book to guide you through planning, deploying, administering, and managing an enterprise reporting system based on Crystal Enterprise. Some of the issues solved with this book include the following:

  • Understanding the business problems associated with reporting tools and systems

  • How to address common needs of business users, such as reporting, ad-hoc query, and data analysis

  • The architecture of Crystal Enterprise and what technologies it employs within your network to deliver information

  • Installation, configuration, and administration of the Crystal Enterprise system

  • How to integrate Crystal Enterprise with your existing intranet or Internet site or application to deliver reports and information over the Web

  • Leveraging your existing investment in Crystal Reports

  • Using the new versions of Crystal Reports and Crystal Analysis Professional to design content for Crystal Enterprise

  • Managing Crystal Enterprise in complex network environments

This book also provides real-world examples of how Crystal Enterprise has been deployed in complex network environments to solve some of the toughest reporting and information delivery challenges.

Special Edition Using Crystal Enterprise focuses on the entire solution that Crystal Enterprise and its supporting suite of report design tools (Crystal Reports and Crystal Analysis Professional) can deliver. Many books on the market today focus on only one tool provided by Crystal Decisions, such as Crystal Reports. This book completes the story, because reading a Crystal Reports book only provides a solution for creating interactive report content, not necessarily delivering it. That’s where Crystal Enterprise steps in, and this book is your guide.

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