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Chapter 4. Installing Crystal Enterprise... > Default Standalone Crystal Enterpris...

Default Standalone Crystal Enterprise Installations

The following installation will use all the default options. Please follow the numbered list in sequence to complete the steps for the installation procedure.

Unless Autoplay is enabled for the server CD-ROM drive, run setup.exe from the win32 directory of the product distribution CD.


When beginning the installation, the Microsoft Windows Installer might need to be installed or upgraded on the local server. If so, the Installation Wizard performs the necessary modifications and notifies you when finished.

If this is necessary, click Yes to restart the server and resume the installation automatically.

Proceed through the Setup program dialog boxes and follow the instructions until you reach the Installation Type dialog box.

Enter the appropriate Name, Organization, and the Product ID code, as shown in Figure 4.1.

Figure 4.1. Crystal Enterprise Setup User Information screen.

Click Next to proceed to the installation type screen shown in Figure 4.2.

Figure 4.2. Crystal Enterprise Installation Type screen.

Select New, and then click Next to proceed to Figure 4.3.

Figure 4.3. Crystal Enterprise Start Installation screen.

In the Start Installation dialog box, click Next. The installation of files begins immediately.


Each of the servers will install as services and log on to Windows using a local system account by default. These settings can be changed later using either Windows Services or the Crystal Configuration Manager covered later in this chapter, or in more detail in Chapter 10, “Administering and Configuring Crystal Enterprise.”

Click Next. The installation scans to see whether there are any programs running that might interfere with the installation. Some applications might need to be shut down during installation of Crystal Enterprise.

After clearing this hurdle, a dialog box appears that displays information about the installation progress. The lower-left corner contains the option to Launch Crystal Publishing Wizard. Uncheck this check box, and then click Finish.



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