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Installing Crystal Enterprise 8.5 81 Checking the APS System Database The Crystal APS has a system database where all the security and scheduling information is stored. The APS communicates to this DSN through ODBC. If the APS was installed correctly, there will be an ODBC DSN for the System Database. To check to see whether it exists, look to the ODBC Data Source Administrator. If this is a new installation the DSN will say CE 85. If it is an upgrade from Crystal Enterprise 8, you will see two DSNs with one that says CE 8 and a second that says CE85. The following list refers to checking for a new installation's DSN: · In Windows NT, navigate to the Control Panel, and then choose the ODBC Control Panel. On the System DSN tab there should be a DSN named CE85 using the SQL Server or other data- base driver. · In Windows 2000, go to Start, Programs, Administrative Tools and choose Data Sources. On the System DSN tab, there should be a DSN named CE-85 using the SQL Server or other database driver. Confirming the Crystal Launchpad Is Functioning Finally, and most importantly, the real proof that the installation was successful is to go to the front page and see the product in action. There are two ways to get there: · In the Program Group for Crystal Enterprise, choose the icon for Crystal Launch Pad. This will load a Web browser that contains links to the different samples and user interfaces. The ePort- folio is the Web desktop that ships with Crystal Enterprise. · Open a Web browser and type http://localserver/crystal/enterprise. Formal troubleshooting information is provided later in the chapter. Upgrading from Previous Versions of Crystal Enterprise When upgrading from Crystal Enterprise 8 to 8.5, the installation program will also migrate any custom settings made during the Crystal Enterprise 8 deployment forward. This includes custom settings made when using the Report Application Server and Crystal Analysis Professional. It's important to confirm the custom settings after the install has completed to ensure that everything has been retained. Upgrade Impacts to the APS Database When upgrading Crystal Enterprise version 8 to 8.5, the installer will not create a new APS database automatically if the original system has the MS SQL Server 2000 client (but not the server) installed on the server. In this scenario, administrators will need to create a database and ensure that the target APS database is specified correctly in the Migration Wizard when performing the APS data- base migration. If an appropriate SQL Server version has been used for the previous Crystal Enterprise installation, a new database named CE85 will be created with a corresponding DSN. Upgrading from Seagate Info to Crystal Enterprise With this release of Crystal Enterprise, even more functionality has been made available from Sea- gate Info in CE 8.5, such as scheduling to destination, events, Seagate Analysis reports server (OLAP reporting tool) now in the form of Crystal Analysis Professional, and more.