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Part IV: Administering and Deploying Cry... > Deploying Crystal Enterprise in a Co...

Chapter 12. Deploying Crystal Enterprise in a Complex Network Environment

In this chapter

Understanding Network Protocols

Understanding Firewall Types

The Crystal Enterprise Architecture

Interaction Between the Web Component Server and the Web Connector

Crystal Enterprise Load Balancing and Scalability—Web Farm Considerations

Additional Firewall and Port Considerations for Crystal Enterprise

Deploying Crystal Enterprise with an IP Packet Filtering Firewall

Using Crystal Enterprise with Network Address Translation

Crystal Enterprise and Proxy Servers

A key design consideration for Crystal Enterprise was for the delivery of information to be deployed as part of any Web-based delivery platform—intranet, extranet, or Internet. Increasingly, organizations are looking to standardize the access to corporate information within a Web-based infrastructure. Not only does this provide for a consistent development and integration platform but it also enables organizations to jump onto the information highway. Companies are now able to support a close relationship with their external constituents—be they customers or suppliers—through the delivery of information over the Web. Furthermore, considerable economies of scale can be realized by using the same architecture to deliver information internally.



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